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Duel. Standby.

(our insane little universe in a box)

10 years later (or the crack-vac)
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Because immicolia started it and praiseofshadows continued it and then geniusgirl got in on the action and then liar_xx decided she wanted in, too.

And because we have friends that like to watch.

It's 10 Years Later, the new Yu-Gi-Oh canon. With double the crack and far fewer card games ('cos honestly, who ever cared about the card games, anyway? XD)

the emo | the clueless | the dynasty | the thread | the imagery | the line | the sound

10 years later, 5 things, alcohol, anzu/asuka, asami is seto's cousin, asami/takaba, au, canon, cocaine, daddy!seto, druggie!yugi, duel academy, emo, emo is an std, evanescence, fucking with canon, honda/shizuka/otogi, it's a twin thing, jou/mai, judai is asexual, mokuba/rebecca, obelisk girls are lesbians, ot3, pegasus/arata, psycho!manjyome, ryo/asuka, seto/anzu, seto/vivian, shared 'verses, suicidal!yugi, sumi kaiba, superstars, takashi & arata kaiba, takashi/sayuri/arata, the twins, therapy, totally making shit up, yugi/sho, zombie!sho is ♥